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IMAGE: Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence

Efficient. Profitable. Simple.

IMAGE, Inbreeding Management and Genetic Excellence, is an innovative new tool that allows modern dairy producers to manage inbreeding effectively and easily across a herd.

IMAGE is a population mating tool that identifies bulls which are safe to use across a group of cattle at random while eliminating inbreeding worries. Dairymen can be confident in achieving steady genetic progress through selecting strong sire candidates which fit their milk market and protecting for unrealized losses from inbreeding.

Developed in conjunction with Accelerated Genetics, this tool targets progressive dairies concerned with the costly effects of inbreeding, but in search of increased efficiency over individual matings. IMAGE will identify safe to use bulls for entire herds, specific pens or heifer groups.

Not all herds are a good match for individual matings due to size, in-house technician efficiency, herd records or management preferences. As herd sizes increase, uniformity and management of cattle in groups will become more important to herd managers. The goal of IMAGE is to increase efficiency in such herds, while still accelerating herd genetic profitability. The program has flexible pedigree requirements making an option for producers with limited pedigree records, as semen usage history or other genetic history records can be utilized.

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