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Accurate information about cow health is essential to success in dairy farming. The better you know how your animals feel, the better equipped you are to take the right action at the right time. CowManager was developed to provide you with that real-time information. By monitoring your cows’ condition with great precision you’ll be able to give them the attention they need. Using this technology will save you time and medical expenses, improve your herd’s general health and increase milk production. All in all, CowManager will make you money. You’ll see.


Simplicity - The ear sensor


The revolutionary ear sensor technology provides accurate information about your herd’s fertility, health, nutrition and location. The sensor fits around an RFID tag.


Accurate - The data


CowManager is a complete plug-and-play system that is compatible with your farm management system. The data transmitted by the sensors are collected by (solar) routers that can be installed in your barn, pastures or feed lots.


Real-time - Smartphone or computer


CowManager monitors your herd 24/7 in any situation, regardless of farm size. It’s the ultimate tool for continuously monitoring your cows’ fertility, health, nutrition and location, receiving real-time information on your smartphone and/or other devices.

CowManager makes your life easier


It maximizes profit by monitoring your cows' fertility, health, nutrition and location with impressive accuracy.


Maximize profit with timely insemination.



Early disease detection based on individual cow behavior and temperature.



Improve health and milk production with balanced eating and rumination.


Find my Cow

Find cows easily and save time with user-friendly cow locator.

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All kinds of farmers across the globe manage their herd with CowManager. 
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Why are the World's Best Dairies Using CowManager?

Progressive Dairies are Implementing CowManager to Decrease Costs and Increase Profits.

“This system was the best investment I have made on my farm. The heat detection system finds 10-15% more cows on heat when compared against the alerts and tailpaint put together.”


Jason Burleigh – Australia

“The health alerts are the most valuable part of the system for me. They help us identify cows that are sick or not ruminating correctly. I do more preventative care before a cow gets really sick because of these alerts. I can also monitor how the cow responds to treatment and even adjust my treatments because of how I see her responding. I have recommended this system to other dairy producers and will continue to do so.”

Ben Yutzy – USA


“I have changed my herd health protocols and reduced antibiotic use. Alert cows are treated before clinical symptoms arise and I can watch on my computer screen when these cows start eating hours later.”

Brett Morgan – Australia

Where Can I Find More Information?

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