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CowManager – Ahead of the heard together

At CowManager, we believe a successful farmer is a prepared farmer. That’s why we ensure you’re always ahead. Prepared for what’s coming. We help you reach your goals, whatever your ambitions are. And whether you have 20 or 20,000 cows; with CowManager you’ll have eyes on all of them.


A New Take on Cow Management

CowManager is the smartest cow monitoring system out there. The only one to successfully measure ear temperature combined with behaviour, resulting in more accurate and earlier alerts. Receive actionable insights about your herd health, fertility and nutrition. Catch sick cows before they show clinical signs, and never miss a heat. Thanks to a cow monitoring system like ours, you can focus on the cows who need you – and you don’t have to disturb or stress out the ones who don’t.


How We Ease Your Mind

  1. A successful farmer is a prepared farmer.  CowManager makes sure you’re always one step ahead. 

  2. Fewer health issues, more targeted treatments and accurate heat detection will improve herd performance and profitability. 

  3. No more walking through the barn/paddock for hours, checking if cows are sick or in heat. With a 24/7 extra set of eyes, your workload is more efficient. 

  4. We don’t work for farmers. We work with them and their advisors. Let’s exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences so we can grow together. 

Cow Monitoring Made Easy

We get it. As a farmer you want to spend your time as efficiently as possible. CowManager makes your life easier. All it takes are 4 simple steps. Put in the ear sensor, install the (solar) router, receive all the data on your PC or smartphone, integrate your cow management system… and you’re ready to go!


We Know What Your Cows Need: Discover Our Modules



Get a grip on your cows’ well-being. Is your cow not eating, not ruminating, had a change in behaviour or a drop in temperature? Get an alert 1 to 2 days before any signs of clinical illness. Or, if your cow is already sick, monitor recovery in detail.


Increase profit with timely insemination. Identify peak heats, non-cycling cows, pregnant cows and even potential abortions. Know exactly when a cow is in heat and when to breed. Ready to maximise your pregnancy rates?


Did you know we’re the only cow monitoring service that provides accurate transition alerts? 75% of all adult cow disease events occur in the transition period. We give you in-depth insights on cow nutrition and well-being at an individual and group level. Prevent heat stress and disease, take your feed management to the next level and get more control to achieve the goals set for your herd.

All You Need: Always Included Services

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Local Support 

  • Ongoing Updates 

  • Herd Management Integrations 

  • Mobile App for iOS and Android 

  • MultiView: Data Access for Employees and Advisors 

  • Online Knowledge Bas


Ready to Do Better Together?

We could tell you a lot more about our cow monitoring system, but we’d rather show you. Download our Demo App, and we’ll take you on a virtual tour through all the possibilities. Let’s go!

Farmer Stories

Dairymen across the globe manage their herd with CowManager. Discover what other farmers think of CowManager:

Let's Get in Touch

You can find us across the globe. We’re always ready to hear from you. Eager to get a glimpse of all the benefits and possibilities of our service? Please get in touch!

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